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4th International Orchidshow


April 3, 4, 5 and 6 - 2015


Expierence the beauty of orchids in a stunning scenery of the landcommandery Alden Biesen.


After 3 successfull editions the Regio Limburg from the Orchideeën Vereniging Vlaanderen vzw, in collaboration with national and international clubs and expositioners, will organize a spectacular International Orchid Show, ORCHILIM 2015, in the Landcommandery Alden Biesen during the Easter weekend of 2015.


This exposition will show lots of tropical jewels from the Asian rainforests, the cloud forests in

South America and the tropical jungles in Africa, but also many large-flowered and multicoloured species and hybrids. National and international expositioners will sell rare species as well as the newest hybrids.


Because the Belgium Orchids will start to flower every visitor will become as a present a booklet with photos and description of all the Belgian Orchids.

Every day there will be workshops held by the famous orchid doctors from Utrecht.

Every visitor will receive a free orchid*

*(as long as the stock lasts 8000 plants en 4500 brochures)


It's impressive and historical decor, it's exceptional infrastructure and its central location in the Euregion , makes the Landcommanderij Alden Biesen a desirable location for this exhibition.


ORCHILIM 2015 will be a great event for both orchid hobbyists and the larger public.

Orchid and flower-lovers don't forget to schedule this fantastic manifestation in your agenda!






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